How your gift supports our work

We see a vast difference between the weary monotony of polluted waters and the beauty, complexity and surprise of clean water habitats. This knowledge drives us to want to change things.

Your donation will help us make a difference to freshwater wildlife now and in the future.

Tall picture compilationResearch & Monitoring

Our work is based on scientific evidence. When, as is often the case, there is no evidence available, we collaborate with others to collect the most critical information. Your support helps us to lever research grants to fund work such as:

  • Discovering if measures used to control water pollution across farmed landscapes actually protect wildlife.
  • Developing revolutionary new environmental DNA survey methods, making it possible to discover new populations of endangered hard-to-survey species.
  • Discovering how we can help volunteers collect the highest quality freshwater data, whilst also having a great time!

Practical Projects & Raising Awareness

Although a comparatively small organisation we run highly successful large-scale practical projects that make a significant difference on the ground…

  • Your support helped us secure funding for the Million Ponds Project. To date, we have been the driving force behind plans for the creation of over 30,000 new clean water ponds in the UK, making places for wildlife to thrive.
  • Most recently, your support helped us to secure a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for our ‘People Ponds and Water’ project, helping us to engage 10,000 volunteers of all ages in learning about and protecting their local freshwaters.
  • Our next project is the most ambitious and important of all: the Freshwater Network, where the UK’s most important freshwater sites are protected and a vast new network of clean water habitats is created, giving freshwater wildlife a more secure future. Your support will help us to develop and deliver this vision.

Influencing Policy

For our knowledge to have most impact we have to influence legislators and convince them to put more resources into initiatives that work for freshwaters.

  • With your support, we got official recognition of the value of small waterbodies in the 2011 Natural Environment White Paper.
  • With your support, we will continue to turn research information into real-world action that protects even the smallest waterbodies – something the current legislation doesn’t do.

We will continue to work hard for freshwater wildlife

The pressures on freshwater wildlife are huge, and the statistics are depressing.  We see a vast difference between the weary monotony of polluted waters and the beauty, complexity and surprise of clean water habitats. But it is this knowledge that drives us to want to change things.

We have a very clear and simple vision of what we need to achieve. We want to help stop further degradation of all our cleanest, most important, freshwater sites. We want to build out, to create a new freshwater network to restore the beauty and diversity of wetland habitats. We want to ensure people have opportunities to enjoy these wonderful places.

Please help us deliver this vision

Please support our work to protect freshwater by making a donation. We have achieved a lot so far and your gift will make a difference to what we can achieve in the next few years.

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For more information about our work take a look around our website and at our Annual Report and Strategy.

Photo credits: David Orchard, Evan Jones, Rachel Hudson, Julia Page, Anne Heathcote