2016 eDNA Great Crested Newt survey data

2016 eDNA resultshlf-logo

Here you will find the 2016 survey results we received from the SpyGen laboratories in France split into our PondNet regions: Northern England, Central England, Southern England and Wales.

We’ll need some time to do the proper analysis; comparing these results with last years in more detail. In the meantime, we have the following overall statistics to share with you:

  • Over 350 volunteers helped us to collect eDNA samples from more than 550 ponds in 2016.
  • c.400 results will contribute to the PondNet national monitoring network for Great Crested Newts.
  • c.90 results will help us to understand the distribution of Great Crested Newts on our Flagship Pond Sites – some of the best pond sites in England.
  • c.120 ponds were also surveyed by Thames Water for Wildlife volunteers on local sites across the Thames Valley.
  • In 2016, 30% of the ponds we visited were positive for Great Crested Newts.