Toads in amplexus – but its nearly October

1st September 2012

Something unusual is going on today in the ponds at Buscot Park in Oxfordshire!!

One of our keen-eyed supporters, Elizabeth Fever found all sorts of pond activity when she visited the National Trust property at Buscot park this week.

Despite the lateness of the season, it is 1st October tomorrow, the unusually warm weather has clearly convinced the local toad population that spring has sprung, and they are not wasting any time in getting down to business – or amplexus, as it is more correctly termed.

We’ll be looking out for the characteristic ropes of spawn.

As far as we know this is very unusual, but has anyone else got any reports of unseasonal amphibian behaviours??

And of course a big thank you to Elizabeth Fever for telling us about this and letting us use her picture.