Provisional Priority Ponds Map

In the first national survey of its kind, we recruited citizen scientists to gather data about nutrient pollution from all kinds of freshwaters. We used these data to identify Provisional Priority Ponds – ponds which had no evidence of nutrient pollution and which could qualify as Priority Ponds.

The Clean Water for Wildlife survey used new innovative ‘quick kits’ to assess the level of nitrogen (as nitrate) and phosphorus (as phosphate) pollution; two nutrients which can pose a major risk to wildlife. The kits required no previous experience and with the resources available on the People, Ponds and Water website it meant anyone and everyone could help to plug the knowledge gap.

Clean Water is defined as having a nutrient status of <0.5 nitrate as nitrogen and <0.05 phosphate as phosphorous. In the absence of biological data, or information on the naturalness of the habitat, we have flagged these as Provisional Priority Ponds.

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Clean Water for Wildlife Survey Results

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