Multi-species surveillance Workshop

On 18 – 19 March 2014, Freshwater Habitats Trust and Natural England hosted a two day workshop on the way forward for multi-species surveillance (recording many species at a single site).

The aim of the workshop was to review the lessons learnt from recent national and regional trials (including PondNet), and look at the way forward in collaboration with species-based NGOs and Local record Centres.

Day 1 presentations

Day 1 PondNet presentation – Naomi Ewald

Day 1 NE Original Aims – Andy Webb

Day 1 HeathNet presentation – David Roy

Day 1 DEFRA Pilot Projects – Andrew Thompson

Day 2 presentations

Day 2 PondNet Presentation – Naomi Ewald

Day 2 NE Surveillance Vision – Andy Webb

Day 2 DEFRA Pilot Projects – Andrew Thompson