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Contribute to the Million Ponds Project targets!

Anyone who creates a new countryside clean water pond can contribute to the Million Ponds Project. We want to encourage everyone who can, to join in.

To contribute to the pond creation targets, a new pond needs to fulfill these three project criteria;

  • clean water source (groundwater or clean surface run off); and
  • to be left to colonise naturally (no plants or animals added); and
  • to be left to thrive without undue disturbance (e.g. fish or duck feeding),


To be created for one of the many pond-associated Biodiveristy Action Plan species (BAP Species List England / BAP Species List Wales).

An explanation of why these factors are so important and how to achieve them is given in Factsheet 2 of the Pond Creation Toolkit. Following these guidelines brings many benefits; not only will the ponds be very rich in wildlife throughout their lifetime, but most ponds will also be longer-lived and need less management than typical countryside ponds.

What is a pond?
A seasonal or permanent waterbody of 1m² to 2 hectares in surface area.

Registering your new ponds