Isle of Wight WaterBlitz

Take part in the citizen science survey and help to discover fantastic clean water habitats, great for wildlife, across the Isle of Wight

Clean Water test kits measure nitrate and phosphate pollution (c) David Rees Roberts

Take part in the Isle of Wight WaterBlitz and help to build up a map of water quality across the island!

You can be part of current scientific research by using quick and simple test kits to measure the levels of two widespread pollutants, nitrate and phosphate, in the Isle of Wight’s many ponds, ditches and streams.

Newly created ponds in Bouldner Forest have clean water and offer freshwater wildlife a more secure future

The Isle of Wight is an area where we have little information on the water quality of its freshwater landscape. Yet it’s freshwater habitats, from the biggest lakes to the tiniest trickles, pools and springs, are home to a vast array of plants and animals. It only takes a little pollution to cause the loss of much of this wildlife. With increasing pressures on the freshwater landscape, it is now more important than ever to find the clean water places, those that are free of pollution.

Look out for upcoming events where you can learn more about the importance of clean water, and how to test it.

In the meantime, read more about how to carry out a Clean Water for Wildlife survey, and use the form below to request your own test kits.



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Each Clean Water kits is made up of one nitrate and one phosphate testing tube. Each kit can only be used once, so you'll need a new one for each place you want to test.
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