Flagship Pond Appeal

Flagship Pond Appeal lets take care

Every pound you donate will be spent directly on managing the finest ponds in England and Wales. Every pound you donate will be spent directly on keeping their fantastic wildlife safe.


The devoted staff and volunteers are ready to go. All we need now are the funds to…

Protect the best pond in England
Castor Hanglands is the most wildlife-rich pond in England. There is an invasive weed in a pond just a few hundred metres away. Help us keep Castor Hanglands safe, by creating a barrier between the two ponds.

Keep our rarest snail safe
The incredibly delicate Glutinous Snail is now found in just one water body – Llyn Tegid. When the water level drops, the snails are left high and dry. Help us create refuges in the lake margins to keep the snails alive.

Bring Inglestone Common back to life
Inglestone Common is home to some very special plants and animals, including the near-extinct Adder’s-tongue Spearwort. Help us get the woodland management and grazing right so that Fairy Shrimp, Tassel Stonewort, and the  Adders-tongue Spearwort can thrive again.

Put evidence into practice in the New Forest
Volunteers have worked hard to understand the very particular needs of Fairy Shrimp, Tadpole Shrimp, Mud Snail, and Medicinal Leech. Help us create just the right habitat conditions for these amazing animals to prosper in the New Forest.

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We are a registered charity (no. 1107708) and rely on donations to achieve our aim to protect freshwater wildlife.

And much, much more at the 70 Flagship Pond sites across England and Wales.



Watch our video and see some of the ponds and their wildlife we want to help

We need to raise funds for vital management work on 70 Flagship Pond sites across the country

For the past two years, Flagship Ponds project staff, partners and volunteers have surveyed, studied, and assessed the ponds. They have worked out what the ponds and their wildlife need. They have made plans.

Flagship Pond Appeal Donate ButtonPlease help us put those plans into action. Please donate to the Flagship Pond Appeal now.


If you are a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your donation and we will be able to collect an additional 25% on top of your donation. Make sure you tick the Gift Aid box on the donation page. We are a registered charity, number 1107708.