22nd March 2018

Latest news from New Forest catchment – Water News

Find out all the latest news from the New Forest Catchment Partnership in the new edition of Water News, the catchment newsletter.  New Forest – Water News (March 2018) In this edition: Survey results show River Beaulieu Catchment to be outstanding for freshwater plants and invertebrates. What’s hiding beneath those waters? – exclusive survey results […]

2nd November 2017

Isle of Wight Water Blitz – 25th Nov to 20th Dec 2017

The first ever landscape scale survey of water quality across the Island!  This November to December grab your wellies and get out testing ponds, streams, ditches and rivers across the Isle of Wight. Use quick kits to find amazing clean water gems, places free from pollution where wildlife can thrive. Join the citizen science survey […]

26th October 2017

Water, Wildlife & Communities – Celebratory Event

Join us for a celebration of citizen science action in the Thames and Thame Join the Freshwater Habitats Trust and the River Thame Conservation Trust to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the Thames Water for Wildlife Project and the River Thame Conservation Trust volunteers. The event will focus on the successes of citizen science and […]

20th October 2017

Working Together for Water and Wildlife in the New Forest

Earlier this month we brought people together to share and celebrate the varied work going on for freshwater wildlife in the New Forest The event celebrated the outstanding diversity of freshwater plants and animals of the New Forest and showcased the great work the New Forest Catchment Partnership are doing to protect it. It focused […]

29th August 2017

New Forest Water Blitz – Results 2016

Results show New Forest is a clean water gem Within the New Forest Catchment the Freshwater Habitats Trust, with the support of the New Forest Catchment Partnership, held a Forest wide water blitz as part of the Clean Water for Wildlife survey. Over the course of three months, 12th March to 12th June 2016, volunteers […]

22nd August 2017

Our finest ponds need people

Volunteers from a local company helped Freshwater Habitat Trust and Froglife look after Orton Pits Flagship Pond site, highlighting the value of connecting people with wildlife Wildlife charity Freshwater Habitats Trust welcomed the help of employees from BGL Group, who volunteered their time to monitor water quality and build new homes for wildlife at one […]

21st August 2017

Oxfordshire rarity gets a new home

Greater Water-parsnip is being planted at a special pond site to keep it growing in Oxfordshire The two meter tall plant is found in just two places in the county, leaving it very vulnerable and at risk of disappearing.  Freshwater Habitats Trust has carefully created ideal conditions on Pinkhill Meadow Flagship Pond site.  On Thursday […]