Flagship Pond photo competition launches soon

The Freshwater Habitats Trust is working with 70 Flagship Pond sites across England and Wales. Each one of them is a gem, a refuge, a bright beacon, supporting plants and animals that are fading fast from the rest of the countryside. The Flagship Pond mission is to protect these places by supporting the dedicated teams of people who care for them.

Flagship Pond photo competition mud snail graphic

The name ‘Mud Snail’ may not inspire photographic creativity but the story of the species itself, and the people who are working to protect it, and definitely worth documenting.

To celebrate these places and people, Freshwater Habitats Trust is launching the Flagship Pond Photo Competition, inviting you to take photos that revel in the landscape and habitats, the plants and animals that live there, the people and the heritage of Flagship Ponds. Whether you use your phone, a compact or an SLR, you have one year to get clicking.

Flagship Ponds project manager Dr Naomi Ewald said:

“We hope to capture the beauty, complexity, drama, and magic of these precious ponds, and depict the wildlife, common or rare, that call them their home. We also want to document the part that people play in these ponds’ lives, or the ponds play in peoples’ lives.”

From Water Voles to Pondweed Leafhoppers, and from frog counters to Tadpole Shrimp watchers, there is so much going on at these ponds.

Dead Tadpole Shrimp Flagship Pond Photo Competition

The fascinating life story of Tadpole Shrimps is matched by the tales of passionate volunteers who devote their time to monitoring this very rare crustacean.

The Flagship Pond project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, began work in 2015 to ensure the best pond sites in the country are properly looked after, with volunteers monitoring rare species, and effective management plans in place to keep the ponds in top condition.

Director of Freshwater Habitats Trust Dr Jeremy Biggs explained:

“Many of our nation’s most beautiful and wildlife-rich waterbodies have degraded irrevocably. It is critically important that the remaining sites are well protected.”

The Flagship Pond photo competition will run for one year, allowing people to document Flagship Ponds and their special species throughout the seasons, and will culminate in a public vote and presentation of winning images at the end of project celebration in January 2018.

Notes to editors:

  1. The photo competition opens for entries on 27th October 2016.
  2. Details of the photo competition and entry form are available on the Freshwater Habitats Trust website. #FlagshipPond
  3. The Flagship Pond project is an HLF funded project that helps local communities and organisations protect 70 of the most important freshwater pond sites in England and Wales, together with their rare and endangered species: https://freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/flagship/
  4. Pondweed Leafhoppers and Tadpole Shrimps are just two of the many species that are now sadly restricted to a small number of sites where they can still find the clean water and natural conditions they require. The Freshwater Habitats Trust is working to secure the future of these species. Photos available on request.
  5. For further information contact the Freshwater Habitats Trust on info@freshwaterhabitats.org.uk or 01865 595505.

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