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Stay in Cornwall

Stay in Cornwall are proud to be supporting Freshwater Habitats Trust and helping to protect an important habitat and part of our landscape for years to come.

We hope our support will help the British landscape to be a place that can continue to be enjoyed by people and wildlife alike.

Vesper Conservation & Ecology Limited

Vesper Conservation and Ecology Limited provides a combination of practical habitat & conservation management and ecological services in the south of England.


We are very proud to be supporting the great work carried out by Freshwater Habitats

HolidayCottages_logo slate text are a self-catering holiday agency with over 25 years’ experience and over 2700 properties in popular holiday destinations across the whole of the UK. Whether you’re looking for a cottage by the sea, farmhouse on the moors or an apartment in the city, they have something to suit all requirements and budgets.

Freshwater Habitats Trust do an absolutely fantastic job in working towards improving the biodiversity of the UK’s freshwater landscape and we are so excited to be supporting the important work they do. Freshwater Habitats Trust is the perfect partner charity for a business like ours because we understand just how much the UK’s beautiful outdoor spaces and watersides are valued by our customers looking to holiday in the UK – there is no better time than now to protect it so everyone can continue enjoying it in the future.

Aquilina Environmental Quality

Specialising in all aspects of freshwater, brackish and wetland ecology

I am an independent ecological consultant with links to 10 associates who together offer a full range of ecological consultancy services.

I specialise in freshwater ecology, especially bioassessment of water quality and conservation value using macroinvertebrates. I have 11 years’ experience since finishing my Masters degree, 3 of those spent happily at Freshwater Habitats Trust itself, where my philosophy and values fitted in perfectly. I am also interested in reptiles and amphibians and undertake protected species survey and mitigation works.

I undertake a range of voluntary activities to support the wider recognition of the value of freshwaters from running the Dorset Freshwater Recording Group to training courses, pond digging and surveys.

Robert Aquilina, Director, Aquilina Environmental Quality.

Gordon Low Products

Gordon Low Products is a family run business in Bedfordshire that manufactures pond and lake liners. The company participated in our Million Ponds Project by supplying liners for 20 new ponds on the North Kent Downs, where the dry chalk substrate was not able to hold water naturally.

We believe that companies can achieve real results for biodiversity by working in partnership with charities, and we are very pleased to join Freshwater Habitats Trust’s corporate scheme.

Ruth Low, Director, Gordon Low.

 Smiths Bletchington


Smiths Bletchington is a family owned quarrying company supplying sand, gravel, crushed limestone and recycled aggregates to Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.

Quarrying has the opportunity to deliver significant biodiversity gains through carefully designed restoration schemes.

Smiths’ environmental policy recognises the need to operate with respect and care for our surroundings and to actively develop positive enhancements to the environment. Freshwater Habitats Trust can help us with these goals.

We have a long-standing relationship with Freshwater Habitats Trust through their work at our Gill Mill quarry and in partnership with the Lower Windrush Valley Project. We have drawn on their expertise to create new ponds on restored mineral sites and they continue to monitor the freshwater habitats at our award winning Rushy Common nature reserve.

Martin Layer, Planning and Estates Manager, Smiths Bletchington.


Bentomat linear

Bentomat is a Geo-Synthetic Clay Liner, widely used in decorative lakes, ponds, wetlands, reed beds, lagoons, swimming ponds, Aquaponics and fisheries, as well as in industrial applications such as canal, river, stream & SUDS Scheme projects.

Bentomat is simple to install, self-mends if punctured, and allows plants to grow on it, so that it is better for the environment than other liners.

Bentonite clay is a natural product that has been around for millions of years, making it ideal for conservation ponds built to last a long, long time.

Habitat Aid


Habitat Aid supplies native trees, plants, seeds and heritage fruit trees which are sourced through their community of small specialist UK nurseries of growers.

They donate half our profits from online sales to UK conservation charities (including the ARG 100% fund) with whom they work to develop and distribute fundraising products.

They also increasingly work with corporates, government bodies and landscape and ecology professionals. Clients include the Co-op, the Environment Agency, Friends of the Earth, and the Wildlife Trusts.

Their product range includes a wide range of native aquatic plants and pre-planted coir rolls and mats.

Sykes Cottages


Sykes Cottages have been providing excellent self-catering holiday cottages in the UK and Ireland for more than 25 years and are today proud to be the UK’s leading holiday letting agency.

We’re excited to be supporting the important work of Freshwater Habitats Trust as they strive towards improving the biodiversity of the UK’s freshwater landscape. We know that the UK’s unique natural landscape is part of what makes our country such a popular holiday destination and we are passionate about preserving this for generations to come.




Salix are an area design and build contractor working on river and wetland habitat creation and restoration projects throughout the UK Their nursery produces over 1.5m native flowering plants every year which are used as for habitat creation projects, and they often donate plants for free for school, educational organisations and environmental charities.

We are a committed environmental business and operate a combined environmental/quality management system (ISO14001/9001). We operate a carbon reduction scheme and create large areas of freshwater habitats at our nursery sites.’

David Holland, Salix

Hanson Heidelberg

Hanson Heidelberg logo
Hanson UK is a leading supplier of heavy building materials to the construction industry and is part of the Heidelberg Cement Group, which has leading global positions in aggregates, cement and concrete.

Our products are part of everyday life. The rock, gravel, sand, bricks, and concrete we produce are used to build homes, roads, schools and places of work and to provide clean drinking water and effective sewerage systems.

Our aim is to be a leading sustainable business, trusted and respected by our stakeholders for the ethics we adopt and the products we supply. We work closely with other organisations in our pursuit of improved performance in areas such as biodiversity, energy management and product technology.

British Wildlife Gifts

British Wildlife Gifts is a unique online gift shop where your purchases can make a difference for wildlife and conservation charities, including us! 

When you purchase a gift simply choose your donation amount and the charity or organisation you’d like to support. Every gift comes with a special 100% recycled gift tag to show the donation you have made. 

Buy anything for your garden on and we will receive 8% of the total sales price including delivery. You must make sure you mention us in the notes section at checkout.

They also have a website dedicated to selling start up pond kits– same rule applies, mention us at checkout and they will donate 8%.