Safe dipping

The number of accidental drownings in ponds is low, but small children are particularly at risk of drowning in garden ponds when there is a lapse in concentration by the supervising adult.

Children aged between one and two years are most at risk as at this age a child’s mobility rapidly increases but co-ordination remains poor. It is not until the age of four or five that children can begin to understand the dangers and warnings. As a child’s age increases, the risk decreases (see RoSPA website for more information).

What you must do

  • Don’t let children pond dip unsupervised.
  • Always be aware of dangers when visiting OTHER PEOPLE’S houses.
  • Talk to children to make them aware of possible dangers.
  • Remain vigilant. A large proportion of drownings are the result of accidental immersion in ponds due to slips and falls from the bank.
  • Have a look at our pond safety page.

After dipping

  • Make sure you wash your hands afterwards, especially before handling food.
  • If you use your kitchen sieve to do the Big Pond Dip make sure you wash it thoroughly if you are going to use it again. Or ideally get a different sieve that you just use for pond dipping.

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