Professional Services

With 30 years’ experience creating, managing, monitoring and surveying a vast range of freshwater habitats across the UK and beyond, we can provide you with professional services based on our own extensive practical experiences. Working together we can do more to protect freshwater wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

Floating Water-plantain _ Ian Ralphs


Picture group for prefessional services pageEcological Services

Our experienced, qualified and licensed team can undertake a wide range of professional services, from species and habitat surveys to land management plans.



Project Development

We have extensive experience of working in partnership to develop and deliver large-scale, multifaceted projects that get the best deal for freshwater wildlife. We can help your project work for you and freshwater.


Pond Creation

Creating new clean water ponds is core to restoring a wildlife-rich freshwater landscape. We can share our skills, knowledge and practical experience with you, and help you plan and deliver pond creation projects that make a real difference for wildlife, at any scale.


Our team of knowledgeable freshwater specialists are highly experienced in collaborating to design, carry out and report on scientific research that informs policy and practices for the benefit of freshwater wildlife.


Training & Skills Development

We can help professionals develop skills and knowledge of a range of traditional and pioneering ecological tools and methods used to assess and monitor freshwater habitats and species, including the environmental DNA data collection and interpretation methods we developed.


Contact us on or 01865 595505 to discuss how we can work together to protect freshwater for everyone to enjoy.