Undertaking a Clean Water Survey

HLF useThames Water LogoCan you help us find the best and most unpolluted freshwaters in the Thames Region?welcome to fs

This element of the project aims to create a map of water quality across the Thames region.  To do this we will supply schools, volunteer groups and youth groups with quick and easy nutrient testing kits. These kits measure the levels of nitrate and phosphate, pollutants that pose a major risk to freshwater wildlife, and will uncover the best and most unpolluted local freshwaters.

All the information you will need for the survey is sent to you when you sign up in our Thames Water for Wildlife Leaflet that comes with the water testing kits.

To sign up:

The Survey – Taking Part

  • Take a water sample – use a small container. Make sure that there is no soap residue as this could effect your results.
  • Enter your results online through WaterNet (coming soon) or email us
  • Look at the Next Steps Pack to find out what else you can do for your local waters. (coming soon)

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