Conferences and meetings

LBAP conference

The Local Biodiversity Action Plan conference was 15-17 July 2008 in Cambridge.

Useful documents and links
If you you are looking for more information about the Pond Habitat Action Plan targets and the projects that will deliver the targets, then you will find a series of documents here and links to other webpages. These were the documents that were made available to delegates at the conference stand and workshop.

1. Overview diagram
This is a straightforward diagram that shows how the different projects relate to the pond HAP targets. Download pdf.

2. Priority Ponds
Advice on how to identify a Priority Pond. Download doc.

3. Important Areas for Ponds (IAPs)
This project will identify areas in the country where there are a large number of Priority Ponds. Download doc.

4. Flagship ponds
There will be a large number of Priority Ponds – too many to closely protect and monitor each one, so a number of Flagship Ponds will be selected (this will be about 1 % of the Priority Ponds). This will help to focus resources, enabling monitoring to ensure that the high pond quality is maintained in the long term. To see the suggested criteria for identifying Flagship Ponds, download doc.

5. Million Ponds project summary
The Million Ponds project is led by Freshwater Habitats Trust with support from a large number of partner organisations. Download doc.

6. BAP species for Million Ponds project
Some of the BAP species that are targeted for pond creation as part of the Million Ponds Project. This list has 58 BAP species associated with ponds, but the list is not definitive. Download doc.