New Forest Water Blitz

Can you help us find the best and most unpolluted freshwater habitats in the UK?

New Forest Sowley Stream

Clean Water is crucial to the amazing wildlife that makes it home in the New Forest. Although we know something about the water quality in the rivers which flow from the heart of the New Forest, the mosaic of thousands of ponds, lakes, ditches and streams remains largely unmonitored and at risk.


We need your help to identify and map these high quality, unpolluted freshwaters  to highlight their importance at local, regional and national levels.

The Survey

Start Date: TBC – End Date: TBC

We aim to collect water quality data from over 2,000 ponds, lakes, headwater streams, rivers and ditches within the New Forest National Park. We are looking for volunteers, both individuals and groups, to adopt an area for survey. This may be a place you visit already or you might want to branch out to a place you’ve never been to before. We will coordinate the survey centrally to cover as many different sites as possible. We are interested in any freshwater habitat; within the National Park boundary (natural and urban habitats).

Sign up for your kits

We will post you a pack of our free quick and simple water quality testing kits to discover the levels of nitrate and phosphate, two invisible but widespread pollutants which we know have significant impacts on freshwater wildlife.  Please email results to 

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Clean Water Events

Join us for a day of freshwater festivities as we take you on a walk along some of the New Forest’s stunning freshwater sites. At the events you will be able to learn about the importance of clean unpolluted water for wildlife and take part in a mini water blitz of these special freshwater sites. The events will be lead by Dr. Naomi Ewald. Register your interest by emailing Hannah at

The project will feed into Clean Water for Wildlife, our national survey funded by the Heritage Lottery. Clean Water for Wildlife aims to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of clean water for freshwater wildlife, find the most important unpolluted freshwater habitats in England and Wales and uncover the true extent of nutrient pollution impacting of our freshwater heritage.

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