Fundraising dos and don’ts

When planning any event ensuring that it is safe and legal is paramount.

Health and safety: for advice on First Aid, contact your local branch of St John’s Ambulance. To ensure your event is run safely, contact your local council – or the Health and Safety Executive ( if you’re holding your event at work.
If you are out and about pond dipping then always remember not to go alone, and to follow our safe dipping guidelines.

Collections: to collect funds in any public place you need a license from your local authority. If you’re collecting on private property (e.g. a pub or supermarket), you should obtain written permission from the owner.

Fundraise on-line via BTmydonate

Getting permission: contact your local council for advice on any necessary permissions, licensing, trading standards, and health and safety issues.

Raffles and lotteries: for everything you need to know about organising a raffle or lottery within the law, make sure you consult your local council and The Institute of Fundraising ( and

Our logo: If you are fundraising for us, then please include our logo (available here as a PNG or as a JPG) and our charity number (we are registered charity no: 1107708).

A few extra pointers

Don’t go it alone: ask friends and family to help you out

Be aware of the costs. Do you have sufficient funds to cover the upfront costs of your event? Companies and businesses are often happy to donate items you need for your fundraising event, it might be worth approaching them. We can help out with publicity materials, collecting boxes and pond leaflets. And remember to use on-line tools where possible to save costs.

Plan your event: make a time table and be realistic about how long things take. It is always worth building in a bit of extra time to account for unexpected delays.

Market your event well in advance: shout about it; you’re doing something amazing and you should let everyone know.

  • Email/tweet/text all your friends, family, work colleagues or classmates and tell them what you’re doing and how they can support you. They’ll hopefully tell everyone else they know!
  • Send a press release to all your local papers advertising your event or inviting sponsorship from companies and individuals.
  • Advertise make posters for display at work and in your school, office local shops, library, sports and community centres. We’re happy to provide posters and flyers.

Send out a thank you. Remember to thank everyone who helped make your event a success, and tell them how much you raised.

And last but not least, remember to have fun!